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400ML Fruit Cup Portable Blender

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Just Shake ‘n Enjoy our 400ML Fruit Cup Portable Blender! It works like a conventional blender with which you can make baby food too. It is not a bulky and heavy machine that gives out annoying noise and always needs an electric outlet nearby. You can use your favorite ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk, or nutritional beverage, to quickly and easily create shakes, hot or cold drinks anytime, anywhere.

FRUIT JUICING EXTRACTOR CUP: Portable juice-making, Fully hidden blade, Magnetic suction charging, and Able to make 15 cups of juice when fully charged.


400ML LARGE CAPACITY: Able to make 15 cups of juice when fully charged, 495g lightweight, 30 seconds fine work.


LIGHT AND CONVENIENT: Enjoy healthy, fresh fruit juices at all times

PORTABLE SIZE: Say goodbye to the cumbersome juice press, this product looks like a small cup. With a capacity of 400ml.


BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Simple baseless design, the use of space limit stacking technology to make the cup lighter, more fluid shape, the whole machine weighs about 495g.

EASY TO USE: With only one press, open a whole day nutrition life.

BLADE HIDDEN DESIGN: The hidden blade makes the whole operation process will not touch the blade, safe and beautiful.


AUTOMATIC POWER OFF: The cup cover is worked by sensing the tightness. Once the cup body and the body are separated, the motor will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent misoperation.

MORE CONVENIENT CLEANING: With only once clean work immediately take away the residue, food level contactable material, and safety rest assured.

MORE DETAILS: Magnetic suction charging. LED working indicator light and cup bottom silicone non-slip pad.


Package Contents:

1 x Carton, 1 x Star Fruit Cup, 1 x English Instruction, 1 x USB Charging Cable


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