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Instant Voice Photo Scan Smart Translator

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If you are an avid traveler, a business executive or simply someone who needs a travel companion, with our portable voice and image translator you will be able to connect with the world and learn about its different cultures.

Our portable voice translator allows you to translate 79 different languages, both spoken and written in a single second with the push of a button. It has an ultra-compact design that makes it perfect for people who are always on the go, and best of all, it supports both online and offline translation.

Unlike most translators on the market that don't have a screen and only rely on audio-based translations, this cool device also displays texts from foreign conversations. Since it is a touch screen interface, this means that you will waste less time in extreme cases where you need a quick translation with no time to spare.

Supported languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, American English, British English, Australian English, Indian English, Canadian English, New Zealand English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, French, Canadian French, Thai, Arabic, Swedish , Finnish, Danish, Polish, Hindi, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatia, Indonesia, Czech, Turkish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Hebrew, Malay.

Package includes:

1 * Translator

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual.

1 * Bag


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