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Set Aluminium Fast Defrosting Tray Frozen Meats

£29.99 £59.97

Do you have little time to cook and need to defrost your food? Now with this tray you can defrost your food quickly.No longer is it necessary to heat frozen meat in the microwave to defrost, just place it on the tray and watch the magic happen. The tray made of high quality thermal conductive material requires neither electricity nor batteries and will defrost your favorite steak, chicken, pork or lamb naturally with a purer and healthier taste in your food.This defrost plate is made of a special aluminum alloy with a thermal conductivity 20,000 times higher than common metals. The result? Very high heat exchange and fast defrosting ability, without additional energy and without chemical additives.

And when you've finished defrosting your food, you can easily clean it up in a couple of passes. Or better yet, put it in the dishwasher and you're done. That easy!


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