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Stainless Steel Coffee Thermo with Temperature Sensor

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The value of a warm beverage on the trail when temperatures are dropping is hard to calculate. When you need it, though, "Stainless Steel Coffee Thermo with Temperature Sensor - Travel Brewed Coffee Cup" will keep tea, coffee, soup, or other ‘pick-me-ups’ warm for hours. Carrying it thermos is also a great way to avoid pulling out your stove and spending unnecessary time heating up water while you could be moving along on your way.  

Precision Filter, Extract Good Taste

200-mesh (0.074 mm aperture) food grade filter from our "Travel Brewed Coffee Cup" is used to finely filter the coffee powder, which is easy to clean and does not leave coffee stains.

Precise Timing, Scientific Brewing Coffee

The lid integrates three smart applications: water temperature perception, brewing timing and fun games, which can help you control the temperature, calculate the time, and make smarter brewed coffee.

  High Quantity Details, Show Temperament

Using high-quality top layer cowhide, using laser cutter die-cutting to maintain the original texture. 

Rotating Cup Lid

Designed for travel, there is no need to unscrew the lid when drinking coffee, and the switch has a snap function to prevent accidental opening.



Lip Shape Cup Mouth

Specially designed lip cup for perfect fit with lips

Bezier Curve Bottle Body 

According to the Bezier curve, the soft surface of the bottle can be fitted to the palm of the hand, and the female with smaller hand can easily hold it.



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