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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Noise-canceling headphones are true wonders of the modern era. They can totally tune out any unwanted sounds, while simultaneously making your music sound even better than any old pair of earbuds.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Noise Cancelling Headset, If you're yet to try a pair, we bet you'll be truly blown away by just how well they can cancel out the outside world so you can focus on your favorite music, audiobook, podcast or anything else with zero distractions.


We believe that with this Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Noise Cancelling Headsets are just as vital as your laptop, TV or mobile phone when it comes to tech that'll change how you live, work and play – especially if you have a long commute each day or a flight ahead of you. 


  • The Active Noise Cancelling tech, which continuously analyzes and reacts to outside noise, blocking out external noise by creating inverse waves, to make you immerse yourself in music.
  • A built-in 500mAh battery provides up to 30 hrs of continuous playback per charge.
  • Large 40mm driver units and CSR Bluetooth ensure great sound quality, especially the powerful deep bass sound.
  • A built-in high-quality microphone guarantees hands-free calls in a clear voice.



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